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Hoturnkey is a member of Suntop Enterprise and a partner member of ADI Global Design Alliance. It is a high-tech company specializing in the development, production and promotion of intelligent applications of microcontrollers and optical sensors.
Hoturnkey focus on the development, design and production of high-end fire and smoke alarms, new energy battery thermal runaway monitoring sensors, Internet of Things security products and other technological products, as well as product technical services in related fields.
The company has a strong R&D technology and service team such as single-chip software, hardware, intelligent control, production quality management, etc., and has a number of patents and software copyrights. The professional, practical, intelligent, interconnected and safe products and solutions promoted have been used in various fields. It has achieved remarkable results, and has been supported and recognized by well-known industry leading customers and partners at home and abroad, and has formed strategic cooperation.

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